Jean Laffite Revealed: Unraveling one of America's Longest Running Mysteries

This book offers a deep dive into a lingering mystery in American history. Hero and villain Jean Laffite deserves - and gets - a fresh look, and the authors reveal the last hidden decades of his complicated life. They also give us a history lesson about the times and places surrounding the unfolding drama. A fascinating read!

Myrick Howard, president, Preservation North Carolina

As something of a Gallic shape shifter myself, not to mention an inveterate scallywag, I found Oliphant and Yarbrough's Jean Laffite Revealed well-nigh impossible to put down (except, of course, for obligatory flourishes with my cutlass and the odd, lusty draught of rum).

Bronson Pinchot, actor and voice artist

Reading like the best detective fiction and historical romance rolled into one, Jean Laffite Revealed is a lazy front porch visit with old friends who have tales to tell. In an engagingly casual style, this mother-daughter team of history sleuths presents an impeccably researched, persuasive argument upending centuries-old legends and rewriting the history of one of America's most intriguingly elusive characters.

Damon Lee Fowler, author of Essentials of Southern Cooking

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